Commuter Hell – Annoying People who Hold up the Line

Commuter Hell by Adam Tinworth on Flickr

Commuter Hell by Adam Tinworth on Flickr

Just imagine, having stood for ages on a freezing platform, on a dark winter’s morning, and the train eventually pulls in. You’re in luck, as it isn’t too crowded, and there aren’t too many people in front of you. As you enter the train, a nice, warm feeling envelopes you. Soon, you’ll be slumped into a nice, comfy seat, snoring your sleepy little head off…

Oh, the delights of sleeping on the train while others are standing around you! Continue reading

Happy New Year as Rail Fares rise yet again!

Commuter Hell at Clapham Junction by  Croll on Flickr

Commuter Hell at Clapham Junction by Iain Croll on Flickr

It happens every year. Commuting to work – and especially commuting to London – isn’t fun at the best of times, but when they put the rail fares up, it only adds insult to injury. Each year, for as long as I can remember, rail fares have increased as night follows day, and each time it’s the same old lame excuse: “We’re doing it because we need to invest to improve our services.”  Continue reading