Happy New Year as Rail Fares rise yet again!

Commuter Hell at Clapham Junction by  Croll on Flickr

Commuter Hell at Clapham Junction by Iain Croll on Flickr

It happens every year. Commuting to work – and especially commuting to London – isn’t fun at the best of times, but when they put the rail fares up, it only adds insult to injury. Each year, for as long as I can remember, rail fares have increased as night follows day, and each time it’s the same old lame excuse: “We’re doing it because we need to invest to improve our services.”  Continue reading

Who is Malachi Brown?

Idiot Question? By CJ Song on Flickr

By CJ Song on Flickr

Having just started this blog, I suppose I should give you a bit more background about myself – even though I’m supposed to be a fictitious character.

Well, actually, no I’m not a fictitious character. I am real. That is, the person typing the bilge that you see before you is a real person who exists. It’s just that he’s appropriated a name which doesn’t actually belong to him.

And now, this person is going to tell you a story, which may or may not be true. Continue reading

Richard Feynman talks about light

I mentioned Richard Feynman in my last post. For those who don’t know the name, Richard Feynman was one of the world’s greatest scientists. He was a physicist – not very glamorous you might say, but here is a video of him explaining the nature of light. It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand it all exactly – what matters is his infectious enthusiasm. If you can have the same enthusiasm about your job that Feynman obviously has here, then you are very fortunate indeed.

I have a Boring Job!

Actually I don’t. Well, at least I don’t think it’s boring – and that’s all that matters.

But I have to admit – to the rest of the world, jobs done by tax lawyers, accountants and actuaries are considered to be boring jobs done by boring people. I mean, which would you rather admit to – being an airline pilot or a tax lawyer?

Continue reading

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Work

Hello. My name is Malachi Brown. Actually it’s not – that’s just a name that I made up. It popped into my head one day, and I decided I wanted to use it for this blog. To all those real people called Malachi Brown – I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your name for a while. I will try and return it to you intact, and I apologise if I cause you any inconvenience.

Why am I writing this blog?

I am writing this blog, for purely therapeutic reasons. I am in fact trying to set up another blog in my real name – a professional blog about technical matters, with a view to eventually starting my own business. I happen to be a tax lawyer (there, I bet that’s put you off if you’re reading this) – and the subject matter is very hard. So hard, that I’m having a trouble with writing my material. I need a rest from it all.

What is this blog about?

Umm. Try the Wonderful World of Work. That’s what it says in the title, so I suppose that’s what it must be about.

I was thinking of the title “I Hate my Boss” – but of course, that’s most likely been taken by someone else, and it’s also a little too narrow. Anyway, I don’t hate my boss – I can’t hate my boss – because at this present moment, he and me are one and the same.

No, this blog is about the Wonderful World of Work. It is intended to be partly about my own experiences, but also about my observations. About what I’ve seen in my own working life, and also from others. It is NOT a memoir – it is also NOT supposed to be a whingefest about all the low down dirty double crossing cheaters that have wronged me – well, there might be a bit about that, but not too much I hope. If there is…well, thank God I’ve borrowed the name of Malachi Brown.

I had thought that this would be a bit like Lord Chesterfield’s letters to his son, giving advice about the perils and pitfalls of working life. Unfortunately, I am not an expert. There are plenty of books and blogs about which tell you what to do and what not to do. Ive even read some of them. Not that they helped me.

You see, as far as the World of Work is concerned, I’m a failure. I haven’t achieved success because I couldn’t play the game that is called office politics. I knew  there was a game to be played – I could even see it being played by others. But somehow I wasn’t able to play it myself. However, be that as it may, I hope you – whoever you are – may find some use from what I have to say. I will do my best to entertain you.

Without any more ado, Welcome Dear Reader, to the Wonderful World of Work.