Where have I been?

Idiot Question? By CJ Song on Flickr

Idiot Question? By CJ Song on Flickr

My goodness, look at how the time flies! Only the other day, I was wondering why US Attorney General Eric Holder wouldn’t go after the bankers, and…before I know it, we are into the last quarter of the following year!

Well, in truth, I have been very busy on a number of other projects. I had another website to build and develop, as part of my “serious life”, so I couldn’t spend as much time here.

Though it doesn’t matter, because I doubt whether anyone reads this blog! I am afraid I’ve neglected all the rules about doing my SEO-work and dotting my articles with keywords and all the other gazillion things that you’re supposed to do, judging by the numerous articles on the web. I do wonder whether there is anyone who visits this blog, apart from the occasional spammer…

The Dilbert Principle and Mark Twain – All you need is Confidence

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure – Mark Twain

That’s how the morons in life get hired. The previous post, called to mind anecdote about Mark Twain which I came across once upon a time. I can’t remember where I got this from, though I am fairly certain it was the great man. Continue reading

Commuter Hell – Annoying People who Hold up the Line

Commuter Hell by Adam Tinworth on Flickr

Commuter Hell by Adam Tinworth on Flickr

Just imagine, having stood for ages on a freezing platform, on a dark winter’s morning, and the train eventually pulls in. You’re in luck, as it isn’t too crowded, and there aren’t too many people in front of you. As you enter the train, a nice, warm feeling envelopes you. Soon, you’ll be slumped into a nice, comfy seat, snoring your sleepy little head off…

Oh, the delights of sleeping on the train while others are standing around you! Continue reading

The Tube – 150 years old today!

London Underground Logo

London Underground Logo

Amazing to think that it was so long ago, when people were still getting from A to B by horse and carriage.

The BBC has an interesting article: ‘Sulphurous’ fumes and class division on Victorian Tube. What I find intriguing is the photograph at the beginning of the article, showing an overcrowded platform. The picture dates from 1915!  The caption  is even more intriguing:

“Overcrowding was a big issue by 1915 but it was a recurring concern since 1877”

It seems that not much has really changed! Well, maybe there is one thing. There’s a helpful notice hanging from the ceiling which says:


(There’s also more room at the back).

We don’t have these notices anymore. But then again, I suppose after 150 years, commuters have got so used to commuting that they know their way around by now!

Richard Feynman talks about light

I mentioned Richard Feynman in my last post. For those who don’t know the name, Richard Feynman was one of the world’s greatest scientists. He was a physicist – not very glamorous you might say, but here is a video of him explaining the nature of light. It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand it all exactly – what matters is his infectious enthusiasm. If you can have the same enthusiasm about your job that Feynman obviously has here, then you are very fortunate indeed.