The Dilbert Principle and Mark Twain – All you need is Confidence

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure – Mark Twain

That’s how the morons in life get hired. The previous post, called to mind anecdote about Mark Twain which I came across once upon a time. I can’t remember where I got this from, though I am fairly certain it was the great man. Continue reading

Stress Relief – Whack Your Computer

Courtesy of Tom Winkler

Courtesy of Tom Winkler

How many of you have never had a problem with your computer? Hands up! No, I didn’t think so. At least when it happens at work, there’s someone in the IT department who can fix it.

Assuming of course that you work for an organisation which actually has an IT department.

Or at the least has IT technicians who know what they’re doing (not always the case).

Anyway, for those of you who’ve always wanted to bash the bloody thing, but were too afraid – here’s your chance to do it online at Whack Your Computer – from the same people that brought you Whack Your Boss.

Have a nice day!

Don’t beat up your Boss – Punch the Air instead!

Newman Noggs and the Nickleby ladies by "Phiz"

Newman Noggs and the Nickleby ladies by “Phiz”

You may remember how I’ve said that it isn’t a good idea to beat up your boss. I also mentioned how Nicholas Nickleby did just that when he couldn’t take any more.

Nicholas could have followed the example of his friend Newman Noggs when he was similarly stressed by his employer. Continue reading

CS Lewis and the Peter Principle


Narnia by Steve on Flickr

Narnia by Steve on Flickr

We’re all familiar with the Peter Principle – the idea that in any organisation, people rise to the level of their own incompetence. Which explains why there are so many bad bosses around.

What I find so remarkable about this, is, not only the fact that this has been around for yonks, but we can also found it in children’s books!

I remember growing up with the Narnia stories. You probably know the one about a lot of children who can enter a magical world inhabited by mythical creatures who can talk just as humans do, where they have adventures with wicked witches and sorcerers. Continue reading

Don’t Beat up your Boss

Nicholas astonishes Mr Squeers and family by "Phiz"

Nicholas astonishes Mr Squeers and family by “Phiz”

Remember our old friend Dick Fuld, ex CEO of Lehman Brothers? The one who got his snoot punched by an irate ex employee?

Well, here’s a picture of another disgruntled employee taking out his frustrations on his boss! Continue reading