Stress Relief – Whack Your Computer

Courtesy of Tom Winkler

Courtesy of Tom Winkler

How many of you have never had a problem with your computer? Hands up! No, I didn’t think so. At least when it happens at work, there’s someone in the IT department who can fix it.

Assuming of course that you work for an organisation which actually has an IT department.

Or at the least has IT technicians who know what they’re doing (not always the case).

Anyway, for those of you who’ve always wanted to bash the bloody thing, but were too afraid – here’s your chance to do it online at Whack Your Computer – from the same people that brought you Whack Your Boss.

Have a nice day!

Don’t beat up your Boss – Punch the Air instead!

Newman Noggs and the Nickleby ladies by "Phiz"

Newman Noggs and the Nickleby ladies by “Phiz”

You may remember how I’ve said that it isn’t a good idea to beat up your boss. I also mentioned how Nicholas Nickleby did just that when he couldn’t take any more.

Nicholas could have followed the example of his friend Newman Noggs when he was similarly stressed by his employer. Continue reading

The Dilbert Principle – So how do they get Hired?

Photo by Fernando de Sousa on Flickr

Photo by Fernando de Sousa on Flickr

To my mind, the Dilbert Principle, if taken to its logical conclusion, suggests that all you have to do to succeed in life, is to be a duffer. Duffers get promoted, those with talent get left behind. Duffers get paid more, experts paid less.

And of course, I’ve seen this happen, both in my own experience and from those of others. Continue reading

When did you last bring a Wall Street Firm to Trial? Senator Elizabeth Warren questions Regulators

We saw in a previous post how Senator Elizabeth Warren asked this question and the answer was not satisfactory, to out it mildly. This is a short video extract.

What Makes a Good Leader? Part Two

Sir Winston S Churchill

Sir Winston S Churchill

This is my second post in the two part series “What Makes a Good Leader?” This exciting series was prompted by an absurd article in the Huffington Post, claiming that certain politicians – to wit, Ed Miliband and Boris Johnson – need plastic surgery if they are to have a hope in hell of reaching the top of the greasy pole.

All this is nonsense of course. It’s a person’s inner qualities that count. In my first post, I discussed the ability of a boss to delegate. This second post talks about how important it is that a boss should be decisive.

Continue reading

When will the Bankers go to Jail?

Harry Houdini by  Snapshots of The Past on Flickr

Harry Houdini by Snapshots of The Past on Flickr

Well, at least someone higher up is asking the question. Elizabeth Warren, newly elected Senator for Massachusetts – the same Senate seat once graced by the late Teddy Kennedy – has asked top regulators, when was the last time they took a Wall Street bank to trial.

And the answer is not really hopeful. Continue reading

Peter and Dilbert – the Triumph of Incompetence

St Stupid's Day Parade by Scott Beale on Flickr

St Stupid’s Day Parade by Scott Beale on Flickr

I mentioned the Peter Principle in a previous post, being the idea that in any organisation, people rise to the level of their own incompetence.

This got me thinking a bit and so I actually looked up the phrase in Wikipedia

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What Makes a Good Leader? Part One

Gaius Julius Caesar, Rimini Italy Photo by Georges Jansoone

Gaius Julius Caesar, Rimini Italy Photo by Georges Jansoone

The other day I came across this article in the Huffington Post, which suggests that if you really want to get to the top of the tree – at Westminster at least – you need a facelift. And this isn’t just an idle thought – oh, no, this is all according to research by a “facial mapping expert.”  Continue reading

Silicon Valley comes to Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne by Neil Thompson on Flickr

Not quite. But this piece from the BBC “Newcastle startup scene reaches ‘critical mass’” is quite edifying.

Apparently,  “Newcastle has quietly built a reputation among entrepreneurs as the place to launch their businesses.” A far cry from seacoal  and other such stuff that made the city what it was when Britain was the wealthiest nation in the world.

A city once dominated by heavy industry offers not just an alternative, but for a growing number it is the preferred location over an over-crowded capital.

Which is also quite heartening. We are so fixated on London and the South East that we forget that there are other bits of Britain somewhere around the map.

The report mentions a £1m accelerator programme, Ignite 100 – haven’t a clue what that means, but here is the website for anyone interested:

Ignite 100