Don’t Beat up your Boss

Nicholas astonishes Mr Squeers and family by "Phiz"

Nicholas astonishes Mr Squeers and family by “Phiz”

Remember our old friend Dick Fuld, ex CEO of Lehman Brothers? The one who got his snoot punched by an irate ex employee?

Well, here’s a picture of another disgruntled employee taking out his frustrations on his boss! Continue reading

Commuter Hell – Annoying People who Hold up the Line

Commuter Hell by Adam Tinworth on Flickr

Commuter Hell by Adam Tinworth on Flickr

Just imagine, having stood for ages on a freezing platform, on a dark winter’s morning, and the train eventually pulls in. You’re in luck, as it isn’t too crowded, and there aren’t too many people in front of you. As you enter the train, a nice, warm feeling envelopes you. Soon, you’ll be slumped into a nice, comfy seat, snoring your sleepy little head off…

Oh, the delights of sleeping on the train while others are standing around you! Continue reading

City of London sackings ‘at five-year high’ – but when will the Bankers go to Jail?

The City of London and Canary Wharf by EG Focus on Flickr

The City of London and Canary Wharf by EG Focus on Flickr

Are we, as a society, getting tougher on white collar crime? Are the bankers responsible for the credit crunch getting a good rap on the knuckles and being carted off to jail? Continue reading

Pink Slip – Losing your Job isn’t Funny

Occupy Wall Street by Timothy Krause on Flickr

Photo by Timothy Krause on Flickr

In an age of austerity, I would be surprised if anyone were to joke about losing their job. I have never worked out why it is that this should be a cause for mirth. It isn’t funny when it really happens – being on the dole is grim – so why make light of it? Continue reading

The Tube – 150 years old today!

London Underground Logo

London Underground Logo

Amazing to think that it was so long ago, when people were still getting from A to B by horse and carriage.

The BBC has an interesting article: ‘Sulphurous’ fumes and class division on Victorian Tube. What I find intriguing is the photograph at the beginning of the article, showing an overcrowded platform. The picture dates from 1915!  The caption  is even more intriguing:

“Overcrowding was a big issue by 1915 but it was a recurring concern since 1877”

It seems that not much has really changed! Well, maybe there is one thing. There’s a helpful notice hanging from the ceiling which says:


(There’s also more room at the back).

We don’t have these notices anymore. But then again, I suppose after 150 years, commuters have got so used to commuting that they know their way around by now!

Happy New Year as Rail Fares rise yet again!

Commuter Hell at Clapham Junction by  Croll on Flickr

Commuter Hell at Clapham Junction by Iain Croll on Flickr

It happens every year. Commuting to work – and especially commuting to London – isn’t fun at the best of times, but when they put the rail fares up, it only adds insult to injury. Each year, for as long as I can remember, rail fares have increased as night follows day, and each time it’s the same old lame excuse: “We’re doing it because we need to invest to improve our services.”  Continue reading